There are people who like guns. They will be interested in any rifle or pistol, or a machine gun, submachine gun or even a cannon or something similar. And when such people see a similar weapon somewhere, they often want to shoot something like that. Because it must be an experience! That can\’t leave them alone.

Other people may not approve of such a mindset, but if someone likes weapons, they will not be easily discouraged from them. Which doesn\’t mean that those who like to shoot also shoot. He often just dreams about it. This is because many of us are not allowed to own real firearms. And even if someone could eventually obtain such a permit (ie a firearms license), they do not need the money to buy such weapons, especially if they desire more types and specimens at the same time.

ležící pistole

And so people\’s desires for weapons are often unfulfilled. Such people often do not have their own legal weapon and do not work for the police or the army, where they would receive a service weapon and take part in military exercises or at least training shootings where they could enjoy it. And so similar people just dream.

And he dreams of shooting until he discovers that there is a Prague gun range, where anyone can shoot from a variety of firearms, as well as many tourists from abroad.

Virtually anyone who finds a liking for guns and shooting can come here. All you have to do is make an appointment and bring it here, give it the appropriate weapons and equipment, and provide an experienced instructor who speaks Czech or English as needed.

revolver Remington

And then any of us can shoot here. And even at any time, because the traffic here does not depend on the time of year or the weather.

And if you want to shoot real firearms, feel free to contact the local operator. You will enjoy what your throat craves here. Of course, if you do not intend to shoot at people or launch a real ballistic missile, which they do not have in the local arsenal, of course.